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Q. How are coaching sessions conducted? How are parents involved in the process?

A. Sessions typically are held over the phone and by e mail. Parents who have questions or concerns are welcome to contact us by phone or e mail at any time.

Q. Isn’t it true that only students applying to the most selective schools benefit from coaching?

A. No. The college admissions process has become more competitive at all levels. For example, the economic downturn caused a surge of applications at state colleges, turning former “safety” schools into very competitive institutions. So, every student can benefit from coaching to develop a strong admissions strategy.

Q. Can’t students get this same help working with their guidance counselors?

A. Many parents have found that school counselors are responsible for far too many students to pay close attention to their child’s individual situation. So, in addition to using the school’s resources, parents may choose to work with a coach who can help their child stay on track and create a strong application based on his or her unique strengths.

Q. Do college admissions officers penalize applicants who work with a coach?

A. In our experience, no. Admissions officers recognize that increasing numbers of high school students are turning to coaches to help them with this process. Remember that your coach assists the student, but doesn’t do the work for the student. The application materials that the admissions office receives are prepared by the student, and reflect the student’s skills, interests and experiences.

Q. My daughter plans to major in engineering. How important is the application essay in her case?

A. Admissions officers look for strength in all areas of the application, including the essay. This applies with equal force to science majors, who need good writing skills to get into (and stay in) college. (Colleges also know that employers expect science majors to have good technical and communication skills.)