college admission coaching


  • Cuts through the flood of information to develop an organized, manageable application strategy based on the student’s unique skills and abilities.
  • Helps the student stay motivated to confidently complete each step of the application process.
  • Eases communication between student and parent.
  • Concentrates on the areas where the student will get the most benefit from individual help.
  • Reduces the stress and tension of getting into college.

We are dedicated to giving your student the edge in the competitive college admissions process!


Our college admission coaching protects your investment in your student by helping find a college that’s the “right fit” academically, financially and socially.



“You helped my son start the next part of his life!”

Parent of a high school senior

“I am doing better in school. Thank you for everything.”

High school sophomore

 “Thank you for helping me find a college that suits my interests.”

High school senior